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MRMC Prepared for Ebola


Magnolia Regional Medical Center is prepared should a patient present at our facility with symptoms of Ebola.

"It is important for the public to know what to do should they have symptoms of Ebola," says Gina Atkins, RN, Infection Control Nurse. "But it is equally important that we as healthcare providers be prepared to care for those patients who may come to our facility," she says.

Atkins has spent most of her time in the recent week researching guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and making sure MRMC is prepared. Protocols have been developed and staff have been trained on those protocols. Departments have been provided with special Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits and trained on the proper use. In addition, mini drills have been conducted to ensure that staff know what to do if approached by someone with Ebola symptoms.

Atkins has also been in contact with other healthcare providers in the community including the Columbia County Ambulance Service and the Columbia County Health Unit. Steps have been put into place for initial contact through discharge of a potentially infection patient.

The public is reminded that Ebola is a serious virus, and they should go directly to the nearest healthcare facility should they show symptoms of infection. Upon arrival at the facility, patients should notify workers of their symptoms.

For more information about Ebola, and the symptoms and causes, please visit the CDC website at cdc.gov

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