The Magnolia Regional Medical Center Administration strives to fulfill the Mission, Vision and Values of the facility through the use of a Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is a three-year plan, modified each fiscal year, to outline the goals of the Medical Center. The plan focuses on strategic themes, or pillars of excellence, with specific goals, objectives, and measures of success. The goals provide the organization with a sense of direction while the objectives provide measurable outcomes for achieving those goals.

The Strategic Plan is developed with input from the Medical Staff and Department Directors, and is approved each year by the Board of Commissioners, and is reviewed quarterly at Board meetings.

The Strategic Planning Team is tasked with ensuring that the goals of the Strategic Plan are carried out and met.  The Strategic Planning Team consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Human Resources Director, Quality/Risk Management Director, Information Technology Director, and Marketing Director/Medical Staff Coordinator.