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Newborn Nursery

What to Expect:

A Member of the nursery will be present at the delivery of your newborn. There is an infant warmer in every labor and delivery room; this is where the nursery nurse will be stationed for delivery. After the baby is delivered, your Doctor will place the newborn in the warmer for the nursery nurse. The nurse will then suction the baby’s stomach contents through its mouth and nose to clear the old fluid. A shot of vitamin K will be given in the baby’s leg to assist with blood clotting. An Erythromycin ointment will be placed in the baby’s eyes to prevent infection. Occasionally a shot of Narcan will be given in the baby’s leg to counteract the effects of the mother’s medication. In vaginal deliveries the measurements and weight will be done in the room before the baby is transported to the nursery. If the baby is delivered by C-section, this will be done in the nursery.

In a normal vaginal delivery, if the newborn is doing well and does not need close observation, it will be placed skin to skin under the mother’s gown and be allowed to stay in the room with the parents. With a C-section delivery, the newborn is transferred to the nursery until the mother is out of recovery.

When your newborn is brought to your room for the first time, the nursery nurse will explain newborn care and feeding instructions to you. The nursery provides all formula and one package of diapers and wipes. Any other items such as pacifiers etc. must be brought to the hospital with you. We cannot provide you with extra formula to take home, so Please have plan to have your WIC appointment set up.

The nursery at Magnolia Regional Medical Center follows a policy of Newborn Rooming In. This policy facilitates parental bonding and ensures adequate education of parents. All newborns are taken to the mother’s room and are required to Room In according to the scheduled times:

8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
8:00 p.m. – 11:00p.m.

We also encourage that newborns stay in the room with the parents overnight if possible. If you are having feeding problems with your newborn they may be required to room in with you overnight on the night before discharge. A nursery nurse is always available to come to your room to assist with any situation. This is the time when you will learn most about your new infant and we will be there to answer any questions that may arise.

At the time of discharge, your newborn’s blood will be drawn for a PKU test. The PKU will test your newborn for certain digestive abnormalities and for sickle cell anemia in African Americans. The State of Arkansas requires that this test be done after 24 hours of age. Occasionally, the blood specimen, which is sent to a lab in Little Rock, will come back unsatisfactory. When this happens, the Lab will contact you at home and reschedule an appointment for a repeat PKU. This test is not an option, it is required by law and can identify potentially fatal diseases. This is why it is very important for the nursery to have a valid and current phone number on where to contact you. If you have to return for a jaundice follow up test or a repeat PKU test, you will register at the outpatient desk at the front door, (ER registration on weekends) and they will direct you to the lab.

If you desire for your newborn to have a circumcision prior to going home, you need to discuss this with your OB doctor. Otherwise, it will not be done prior to your discharge home.

Before you are able to leave the hospital with your newborn, all discharge paperwork must be complete. The baby is discharged separately from the mother. The nursery nurse will go over all discharge instructions with you. Always keep your infant bands on until after discharge; they must be verified before you can go home. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at this time and we will be happy to assist you as we want you to ALWAYS be very satisfied with your OVERALL QUALITY of care.

Our goal at Magnolia Regional Medical Center is for you to be comfortable and confident in taking care of your newborn. We promise at MRMC to be the best we can be in meeting you and your family’s expectations. Our nurses and staff feel privileged to serve you and we thank you for allowing us to take part in this special occasion.

Attached you will notice a copy of the infant safety guidelines that will be reviewed with you by your nurse and a signature of understanding obtained:
The nursing staff at Magnolia Regional Medical Center wants to promote family togetherness during your stay here.
Babies are encouraged to be with mothers as much as possible. It is your responsibility to screen your visitors for any illness which may affect your baby’s health.
The father or one (1) support person may stay with you at night (if space allows). Brothers and sisters of the baby and other adults may be in the room with the baby during the day and evening hours. However, for your baby’s health and safety, we recommend no more than two (2) adults at a time in a semi-private room and no more than four (4) adults at a time in a private room. We also require that no children except brothers and sisters of the baby, be allowed in the room with the baby.

We also ask that you agree to the following safety guidelines:

1) Do not leave the baby unattended in your room.
2) DO NOT SLEEP WITH BABY IN THE BED WITH YOU. Make sure your baby sleeps in the bassinet at all times.
3) Someone with an infant band on must be with the baby at all times.
4) Do not walk up and down the hall carrying your baby, always place the baby in the bassinet. The baby should be transported in the bassinet only by Perinatal staff with proper Perinatal ID badge or an Adult with matching ID band.
5) Always keep a hand and eye on the baby when he/she is out of the crib.
6) Never leave the baby alone on your bed.
7) Ask all visitors to wash their hands with soap and water before handling the baby.
8) If you have had frequent pain medication or plan to take a sleeping pill, you need to have your significant other who has the proper ID band on to keep the baby in your room.
9) Remember, you as the parent have the right to ask to see the ID badge of an unfamiliar person.
10) Never be afraid to ask questions. If in doubt, transfer the baby to the nursery yourself