Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)

A primary care physician also called a PCP, is a doctor who takes care of you and helps you stay healthy. Your PCP will provide most of your health care. Your PCP will keep a record of your health and your health care. If you need special care for a health problem, you PCP will make the arrangements and tell you where to go for medical services. You will need your PCP’s okay, called a referral, in order for Medicaid to pay for this special medical care.

Do you need a PCP?

You must choose a PCP unless:

  • You also have Medicare
  • You live in a nursing home
  • You live in an ICF/IID (a home for people who have an intellectual disability)
  • You are covered by Medicaid only for a past time period
  • You have Medicaid Spend-Down

How do you get a PCP?

The ways to choose a PCP are:

  • Go to the doctor’s office
  • Call the ConnectCare helpline at 1-800-275-1131
  • Go to the DHS office
  • List your choices for a PCP on the Medicaid or ARKids First application

You must make sure the PCP you choose is  Medicaid or ARKids First provider. If you need a list of PCPs who take Medicaid, call ConnectCare or visit your DHS office. The list will tell you:

  • The doctor’s name
  • The clinic’s address
  • Ages served
  • Languages the doctor or staff speak
  • Phone numbers

How do you change your PCP?

To change your PCP, call the ConnectCare helpline at 1-800-275-1131 or visit the local DHS office.