Thank you for your interest in Magnolia Regional Medical Center. The Marketing/Public Relations Office is always pleased to assist you with any information requests from local, regional, and national news outlets.

Prior approval from Magnolia Regional Medical Center (MRMC) is necessary for conducting interviews and taking photographs with patients, physicians, or employees on our campus. Written consent from the interviewee is required, and news media must be accompanied at all times on the MRMC campus.

According to HIPAA laws, news media must provide the patient’s name before any patient information is released. MRMC will not release information about:

  • Patients who request that no information be released
  • Patients involved in domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, child/elderly abuse, chemical dependency, or attempted suicide
  • Patients in danger as determined by law enforcement officials
  • Patients under the age of 18, without a parent or legal guardian’s written consent
  • Patients who have been discharged and have not given written consent

All media requests should be directed to:
Karen Weido