Magnolia Regional Medical Center welcomes students to shadow our employees and physicians for educational purposes. Students wishing to participate in a shadowing opportunity must submit an application at least 30 days prior to their requested shadowing dates. The following is a list of criteria for any student wishing to shadow at MRMC:

  • Students must be at least 18 years old and provide documentation of an educational need for the shadowing opportunity. The documentation of education requirements must be signed/completed by a teacher, school counselor, or other academic leader. An exception to this requirement is students who have previously completed the M*A*S*H program at Magnolia Regional Medical Center.
  • Students approved for shadowing opportunities will pay a fee of $25 to offset necessary expenses, including TB testing, background check, and an MRMC badge.
  • Students must submit proof of COVID vaccine (or may request a religious exemption form).
  • Students who will be in the facility between October 1 – March 31 must submit documentation of a current flu vaccine.
  • Students must complete HIPAA training with the Human Resources Director.

Applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

Completed application should be returned to:

Magnolia Regional Medical Center
Attn: Karen Weido
PO Box 629
Magnolia AR  71754