The Nurse Residency program is available for students who have completed The Fundamentals of Nursing program at their University. Students accepted into the program are hired as Nurse Techs at Magnolia Regional Medical Center. The program takes place during the Summer and consists of three shifts per week during the summer months, in addition to regular classroom instruction for hands-on skills learning. During the school months, participants will be required to work a minimum of one shift per month to maintain their skills.

While working in different care units, students will perform designated clinical procedures and nonclinical support tasks essential to providing total care to patients. The residency program establishes a series of learning and work experiences designated to assist nursing students preparing to transition into their first professional roles after graduation. This experience will emphasize the development of the clinical and leadership skills necessary for the advanced beginner nurse to be successful as a full partner on a healthcare team.

Interested candidates can download the application by clicking here.

The completed application, with supporting documentation, should be submitted to