Our goal at MRMC Home Health Agency is to teach patients and their families independence and knowledge of their health and to keep them in the community.

MRMC Home Health Agency is a Medicare-certified agency. To enter a Medicare-certified home care program, a person must need “skilled care” provided by a registered nurse, physical therapist, or occupational therapist. The patient must also be homebound and under the care of a physician. Once these requirements are met, the patient may be eligible to receive other home care services.

We accept referrals from hospitals, physicians, and rehab facilities.  We serve qualifying individuals residing permanently or temporarily within a 35-mile radius.  We accept many different sources of payment including Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Insurance, and private pay.

Skilled Nursing

Upon admission to MRMC Home Health Agency, a registered nurse will make an evaluation visit to your home.  A collaborative plan of treatment will be developed with your input, approved by your physician, and implemented by our team.  This personalized plan will be reviewed every sixty days, through consultation with your physician.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist provides treatment and instruction to help restore a patient to his/her highest level of function.  Therapy may focus on overall strengthening or on a specific problem caused by an injury, illness, or surgery.  Instruction is also given to family members who are encouraged to participate in the treatment plan.

Point of Care Documentation

All licensed staff have been highly trained in point-of-care charting.  Computerized charting is done in the patient’s home to enhance patient involvement.  The system provides better communication between the patient and the caregiver.

For more information, or for any questions, please contact us at 870-235-3598.

Services Available:

  • Licensed nurse on call 24/7
  • Medication Management
  • Nutritional Education
  • Disease Education
  • Patient Monitoring
  • IV Therapies
  • Antibiotic Administration
  • Central Line/PICC Maintenance
  • Enteral or Tube Feedings
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Wound Care
  • Foley Catheter Management
  • Lab Specimen collection
  • Pediatric Care
  • Pain Management
  • Prenatal/Postpartum Care

Home Health Aids assist with:

  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Range of Motion
  • Ambulation/Transfers