In life, emergencies happen.  When they do, the MRMC Emergency Department is here to serve you.  Fully staffed 24/7, our state-of-the-art Emergency Department features seven fully equipped exam rooms.  A spacious trauma room allows our staff to treat patients during the most critical times of their lives.

Our Emergency Department participates in the Arkansas Statewide Trauma System and the Arkansas SAVES Stroke Program.

It is recommended that individuals maintain an “emergency file” containing their insurance cards, a list of all medications they take, any chronic conditions they may have, past surgical procedures, and allergies. Please bring this information with them when visiting the Emergency Department.

Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, unless you arrive by ambulance with a life-threatening injury, you will be assessed by a triage nurse who will take a brief history of your condition, measure your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and respiratory rate), and will report the findings to the physician on staff.

The physician on staff will prioritize your case in terms of urgency. Patients will not be seen in order of arrival but rather by the urgency of their condition. Be sure to notify your nurse or physician if your condition changes while you are in the Emergency Department. This will help the staff better treat your condition. Because patients are seen based on the urgency of their condition, it is hard to determine what your wait time may be.

If diagnostic testing is done in the Emergency Department, please know that it may take some time for the physician to receive the results. In addition, if you need to be admitted to the hospital, please be aware that it may be a little while before you are taken to your room.

Patients deemed to be non-emergent may be required to pay a fee prior to receiving medical care or medications. All patients visiting the Emergency Department will be assessed a triage fee, even if they leave before receiving medical treatment. You will receive at least two bills from your Emergency Department visit.  One will be from Magnolia Regional Medical Center for your visit and services provided during your visit. The other will be from Emergency Staffing Solutions for the physician’s professional fees.

For comments or concerns regarding your care in the MRMC Emergency Department, please call 888-484-6973.