The Magnolia Regional Medical Center Board of Commissioners consists of seven members, each serving five-year terms.  The Board members have the responsibility of overseeing the finances and operation of the facility.

Board Members are selected by the Mayor of Magnolia and are approved by the Magnolia City Council.  Board meetings are open to the public.

Board of Commissioners

The Magnolia Regional Medical Center Board of Commissioners meets the Fourth Monday of each month at 12:00pm in the MRMC Board Room. The following is a list of the Commissioners and how they are contacted.

Dr. John Alexander Jr, Chairman
1617 N Washington
Magnolia, AR 71753

Angie Eaves, Vice Chairman
202 S Pine
Magnolia AR 71753

Todd Emmert, Secretary
201 Sumac
Magnolia AR 71753

Brad Smith
3 Tanglewood
Magnolia AR 71753

Jonathan Baird
2508 Fox Run
Magnolia AR 71753

Shawana Reed
100 E University, MSC 9403
Magnolia AR 71753

Wally Wood
519 N Washington
Magnolia AR 71753

Mayor of Magnolia
PO Box 1126
Magnolia AR 71754

All requests for notification of meetings should be done in writing to:

Magnolia Regional Medical Center
Attn: Karen Weido
PO Box 629
Magnolia AR 71754
or by email at