Stairs and Steps:

  • Fix loose or uneven steps
  • Remove shoes, papers, books, and other objects from the stairs
  • Install a light switch at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Remove carpet and install non-slip treads to stairs
  • Install or repair handrails on stairs


  • Arrange furniture to create a clear path through the home
  • Remove rugs, or use non-slip backings so they do not slip
  • Move papers, shoes, books, and other objects from the floor
  • Tape down any cords or wires that may be in your path


  • Keep things you use often on a lower shelf
  • Use a step stool with a handlebar to reach things on higher shelves


  • Place a lamp near the bed within easy reach
  • Place nightlights throughout your home to illuminate your path at night


  • Place a non-slip mat or shower strips in your tub or shower
  • Place grab bars by the toilet and tub or shower if needed

Checklist adapted from the CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control