Some healthcare providers collect samples for laboratory tests in their offices, but others do not. If your practitioner provided you with an order (a prescription or test requisition form) for a test, you will need to come to the MRMC Laboratory to have your sample collected.

Make an Appointment—or Not.

Appointments are encouraged, but are not mandatory. Call 870-235-3474 (lab secretary) if you wish assistance in scheduling your test time. We ask that patients requiring a therapeutic phlebotomy call and schedule an appointment ahead of time.

If you prefer not to make an appointment for routine testing, please be aware that our busiest times are in the early morning when patients who have to fast before testing often choose to arrive. You may prefer to come later in the day, when your wait is likely to be shorter.

Occasionally a test may take an hour, sometimes 3 hours; we will require the patient to stay with us in the lab waiting area during this time for patient safety and to enable us to contact a nurse or your physician if you begin to feel bad during this test.

Patients will stop at Admissions for registration to allow entry of insurance and personal information into the hospital information system.  The clerk will have you sign in and explain the process to you while you are there.  The clerk will be able to inform you of any deductible or balances that need your attention.  You may always call ahead of time to the admissions and ask about these subjects prior to arriving.  870-235-3000

After completing registration the clerk will direct you toward the laboratory.  The laboratory staff will obtain the specimens required in the correct manner indicated by the order, if there are questions they will be answered while you are present.

Occasionally there are tests that may require specific collection instructions, containers or supplies that we do not keep in stock on a regular basis.  If this is the case, we will order needed supplies and call you as soon as they arrive.  Your physician will be notified of any delays.

Patient results will be sent to the ordering physician.  If other physicians require the results please let us know and we will try to accommodate all requests.

Any copies of results may be obtained by the patient in our Medical Records department.  The patient will have to sign a release form in order to obtain a copy of the results.